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Twin Fin Coffee Dawn Patrol

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Good. Coffee.

A portion of the profits of each bag of coffee goes to educational and environmental causes in the regions we love to visit, surf, and drink coffee from.

Twin Fin Coffee

The Mission

Surfing and Coffee in the 90s: Wrong Surfboard, Wrong Coffee.

I’d say 95% of the people surfing in the 90’s were on the wrong surfboard.-Rob Machado (Fish: The Surfboard Documentary) Just like most people were riding the wrong surfboards in the 90’s, most of us were also drinking the wrong coffee. Like the twin fin surfboard which dates to the 60s, specialty coffee has always […]

The Inspiration

Twin Fin Coffee came about when two friends who took their first trip together to Central America over 20 years prior began putting the pieces together on a project that would allow for a deeper connection with this region they love so much. Additionally, with the addition of families to their travels their eyes were […]

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Coffee. Surf. Travel.

Venice Beach: Surf and Coffee On A Quick Layover

A quick layover in Venice Beach is always interesting.  I have a board stashed there for just this sort of mission.  You just never know when you’ll be in LA for a few days. Despite the influx of tech and money of the last few years, Venice Beach still remains a pretty wild place by […]

Mexico: Surf and Coffee in Baja Sur – Part II

After five days on the southern cape of Baja Sur, it was time to move on.  At this point my family had arrived so we grabbed a car and headed northwest towards Todos Santos (the town, not the big wave spot).  One of the great benefits of being there in the off season was that […]

Mexico: Surf and Coffee in Baja Sur – Part 1

Stepping off the plane in San Jose del Cabo, you get a really quick impression of what most people are traveling to this tip of Baja for.  The bars begin right outside of customs and keep flowing through tents set up throughout the car service pick up area. Even in the off-season, there was enough […]

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